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Ethical + Effective Social Media for Art Therapists

In this 2-hour webinar, art therapist, Amelia Hutchison, guides you in using social media to support your mental health business. We explore what it means to build relationship online in a way that is ethical, trauma-informed, and meets the professional standards of our regulatory bodies. We’ll also get specific about how to use social media platforms to best support your work - without burnout.



  • unlimited replay of the recorded webinar with Q+A
  • discussion about anti-oppressive + ethical marketing strategies
  • a roadmap for creating an engaging social media presence
  • access to a resource library and tools + links to support your social media presence
  • art + writing prompts to support you in creating a sustainable social media presence

This webinar costs $70 USD and includes the slideshow and resource library. This product is a recording of a live webinar and Q+A that took place on Dec. 10th, 2022.



This webinar is designed to support mental health professionals who:

  • want to nurture online relationships to support their private practice or organization
  • feel overwhelmed or unsure about how to show up on social media
  • are committed to using anti-oppressive + trauma-informed marketing strategies
  • feel concerned about tactics commonly used in the digital wellness sphere + want to promote their work ethically
  • want to create content in ways that feel sustainable + authentic
  • are curious about how different platforms can be best used to increase engagement, interest, + trust (with emphasis on TikTok + Instagram)



Is this webinar only for art therapists?

  • No! Parts of this workshop will focus on specific aspects of the art therapy + expressive arts field, but the majority of the presentation will be valuable to other mental health professionals who are interested in building community online.

Will this webinar tell me I need to make dancing videos on TikTok?

  • Definitely not. We will explore different pathways to building trust + imparting information on social media. I’ll offer tips and video ideas that don’t involve speaking directly to the camera. The intention of this event is to support you in finding marketing strategies that feel authentic and comfortable for YOU.

I’m an art therapy student/future mental health professional. Will this be valuable for me?

  • Yes! You can begin building a presence online before you complete your studies. We will discuss ethical ways to communicate about your work related to your experience.

I feel overwhelmed by the idea of starting + maintaining a social media page. How will this webinar help?

  • Don’t worry! This webinar is not about becoming a content-creation machine. We will discuss burnout and explore strategies for recycling content so you are able to make the right impact with your online presence.

Is this a live event?

  • It was! This is a recording of a live event that took place on Dec. 10th, 2022. It is available for unlimited replay.