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The New Year's Anti-Resolution Workbook

*This is the 2023 workbook - you can find the expanded 2024 workbook (+ LIVE WORKSHOP) here


The New Year’s Anti-Resolution Workbook:

There is so much pressure in January to declare the ways you will fix yourself. Our social media feeds are full of diets and wellness regimens. The algorithm suggests another self-help book. Productivity apps go one sale. The new year can arrive with an urgency to get our sh*t together by any means necessary.

What if we decided to resist that pressure? We can approach goals + intention setting with more gentleness + creativity.

The Anti-Resolution Workbook is a short guide to envisioning the year ahead - without the hustle. Inside, you’ll find journalling prompts + art projects to help you hang out with yourself, reflect, + set intentions.


This workbook will help you:

  • identify how you would like to feel in the year ahead

  • set intentions without the rigid energy of hustling harder

  • make space to express yourself without perfectionism


This workbook is different because it:

  • doesn’t focus on what is wrong or what should be different

  • is not about outcome or adding something new to your to-do list

  • is not hustling towards the best version of ourselves (*cough, cough, perfectionism)

  • offers gentle writing + art prompts for reflection + expression

  • can be explored at whatever pace feels right


This workbook is for anyone who:

  • feels exhausted just thinking about setting goals

  • wants to find gentle ways to care for their mental health

  • is learning to rest, speak kindly to themselves, and resist hustle culture

  • wants to carve out time to be creative (no art experience required!)


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