A space to make art, in community, and create personal mental health rituals 

The intention of this group is to make oracle art as a practice of creative care. Art is a way to pause from the busy-ness of life and uncover, reflect, and create intention for the ways we want to show up.

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About Oracle Lab


This is not a group about learning to read oracle cards "correctly." Instead, participants will develop their own unique deck through making art and making sense. Creating our own oracle decks is a way to engage in authentic contemplative practice. We see this as a way of taking care to not appropriate spiritual traditions of other cultures. Participants in Oracle Lab will be guided in a process of creating and understanding their own oracle deck. No art experience required!

Group members will have the opportunity to:

  • make art, write, and share as a group

  • learn free-association techniques to uncover and explore

  • create personal rituals and symbols as a tool for mental health care

  • gather in a small group and be supported by others

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This group is facilitated by Mina Hiebert, Geneviève Bedard, and Amelia Hutchison; art therapists and alumni of the Kutenai Art Therapy Institute.
  • This group costs $499 CAD, which works out to $32 per hour (Approx. $370 USD)
  • The group will be small, maximum 8 people to ensure time for sharing and creation.
  • This is a group for adults (18+) of all genders.
  • Attending each weekly session helps to create increasing familiarity and comfort between group members. Please try your best to attend all sessions. If you are unable to attend a session, please let the facilitators know ahead of time by email.
  • Because this workshop is being held on Zoom, you will provide your own art supplies. We will send out suggestions - you won't need anything expensive, often materials you can find in your own home!
  • Sessions will not be recorded. This is to help participants feel comfortable creating and sharing freely.
  • There is one discounted ticket available in each group for $249 CAD (Approx. $185 USD). We include this ticket in an effort to make our groups more accessible. If you do not see that option when you are registering, that ticket has already been purchased by someone else.
  • The group will have two facilitators. Check the event page to see which of us will be hosting the next cycle!
“Oracle Lab is the time I show up creatively every week. I love the community, the space held by the facilitators, and the wholehearted connection that emerges when we share what’s at the core of our being: creativity and the ability to make meaning through art. I created more in six weeks of Oracle Lab than in the six years since leaving art school.”
"Oracle Lab was a healing experience that helped me with strengthening my sense of self efficacy and with finding my lost sense of safety in seeking connection, expressing my feelings and sharing my creativity. “
“I keep coming back to Oracle Lab. It's a supportive and invigorating way to stay connected to community and my own art practice. The facilitators have created a sacred space to explore big, existential topics and quiet, reflective ones too. I have so much love and appreciation for them and Oracle Lab in my brain and heart!”

*These testimonials have been offered freely and with consent from therapeutic group participants. I do not solicit testimonials from clinical art therapy clients.