I combine psychotherapy, counselling, and art-making to offer personal and meaningful mental health care through one-on-one art therapy (clinical), as well as groups, courses, and workshops (non-clinical), so that creativity and play are genuine, restful resources to help you feel well in your life.

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Find creative pathways to real rest + wellbeing


I'm looking for personal support + mental health treatment.

Art Psychotherapy

I'm looking for a caring community + guidance in art making.

Therapeutic Groups

I'm looking for creative self care + art project ideas.

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I'm looking ways to feel well on social media.

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I'm looking for professional development resources.

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If we’re just meeting for the first time, here are a few values that guide my work:

  • There’s no such thing as bad art. 

  • Mental health is political. 

  • Creative practices can help us resist the urgency of hustle culture.

  • Social media is connective and meaningful, and it can make us feel unwell. Art can help us hold that paradox. 

  • We all deserve time to do things that are restful, imperfect, and ‘unproductive’

  • I’m a serial proCRAFTiner and whimsy sustains me. I care for myself by painting, crocheting, and wearing bright colours.

More About Me

Download Unlearning Perfectionism

This workbook is your space to practice imperfection through art-making.